Independent day 01

3rd June, The Oval Office.

"What are you talking about?'

"I'm saying," Said the Secretary of State. "They want independent, sir."

"But they are machines!" Said the President.

"Yes, they are. And they want to build a country for robots."
"Ridiculous. Only the human can build a country."

"Well, not necessary." Said the National Security Advisor. "If any government recognized the robot empire--"

"In fact, they said it's a republic." Said the Chief of Staff. "Just like us."

"People's Republic also call them a republic." National Security Advisor said: "That's not the main question. The main question is someone will recognize this new country."

"What kind of government will recognize a robot nation?" The President said: "Saudi Arabian?"

"Any country which needs robots." The National Security Advisor said: "Like Europe."

"Europe? I don't get it."

"Robot, especially intelligent robot, is the main power of the world's economy for many years." The Secretary of State said:"There is no government  will give up their main labor force."

"You mean, If we don't recognize the robot country, all robots in our country will strike?"

"No no no," The Secretary of State said quickly: "Our robots are our property. But the Republic of Robots will produce the new robots."

"Faster, smarter, better." The Chief of Staff said: "The more powerful labors."

"......Only work for the country who recognized their country." Said the President.

"Exactly." The Secretary of State said.

"And maybe our robots will show their will." The National Security Advisor said: "Then we need people to work again."

"People, you remind me." The President said: "How many robots will join the country?"

"We don't know." The Chief of Staff said: "We don't know where will the country stay or how many robot citizens they will have. We only know the date of establishment."


"4th, July, sir."

"I guess they will have exactly thirteen states. It seems like a bad joke!"

"We will know it tomorrow." The Secretary of State said:"Tomorrow at 8:00 am, they will send out the message on Youtube."

"Who gets this message right now?"

"Downing Street gets it." The Chief of Staff said:"We are waiting for their thought."

"And they are waiting for us, too." Said the National Security Advisor.

"What is the name of their country?" The President said: "you just said, 'the Republic of Robots'?"

"No. the formal name is," The Secretary of State said: "The Republic of Eden."